Immigration Law

Immigration Law relates to laws that regulate a person’s right to exit and enter a country with the intent of temporarily or permanently living and/or working in that country, as well as the allowable duration of stay.

Australian Immigration law is a very complex area of law, as many of its laws, rules, and procedures change and develop at a fast pace. That’s why it is understandably hard for people with no legal background to understand them and navigate the different avenues of migration to Australia. It is therefore important to have someone who understands immigration law, in order to advise you on the best way to migrate to Australia which suits you.

Our services

At Causidicus Legal, we have the experience to assist you with everything from migrating to Australia in order to temporary or permanently live and/or work, to appealing decisions preventing entry into Australia.

Our team endeavours to give the most credible and accurate advice by advising on the different types of visas and the visas best suited to your situation in a way that is easy for you to understand.

Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN): 1910750

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