The Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Divorce

#1. Taking advice from family members, friends, work colleagues etc.

Sometimes taking advice from family or close friends may seem to be a quick way to understand the process of divorce if this is the first time that you are going through a divorce. However, you must be very careful as each person’s advice (if not legal qualified) will be different. It is best to obtain legal advice about Divorce from your solicitor. You should list the questions you have about Divorce and contact a solicitor to advise you accordingly.


#2. Children – talking about your ex-partner in front of the child/ren.

Although it is very tempting to degrade your ex-partner out of sadness, hurt or even if it is the truth, this should not be done in front of the children. Doing this does harm the children. You do not want your problems to become your children’s concern, sadness, worry or a reason to be depressed.


#3. Not speaking up.

Many individuals go through the Divorce process without speaking up mainly because of being scared or feeling guilty. The first thing to remember is no matter what its always better to speak up. Although you may believe that if you stay quiet, your ex-partner will be reasonable with consenting to your property matters or your children matters, however, this is not always the case. Don’t give up when you receive an affidavit or some other document, you can respond and give your side Remember, voice your opinion!


#4. Making oral agreements.

The first thing to remember is NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE TRUSTED FOR THEIR WORD. Although at the time the breakup seems to be amicable, to ensure a proper agreement, it is always best to negotiate through your solicitors and have a solicitor draft up the agreement. Your solicitor will ensure that everything agreed upon is itemised and detailed to avoid any future conflict.


#5. Harassing your ex-partner.

Although you may think that following your ex-partner or telling them that you have been watching what they are doing, where they are going and who they have seen them speak to, is not a good idea. Those individuals who cannot accept the separation and begin following their ex-partner, often find themselves in court defending an AVO. Be sure to be civilized and allow your ex-partner to continue on with their day-to-day life without having the fear that they are being watched or followed by you.


#6. Not preparing yourself to deal with your emotions.

When you are talking to your ex-spouse you should ensure that you remain calm at all times. Although this may be difficult, it is always the best option. You should also remember to stay calm when you discuss your matter with anyone else surrounding your issues especially other family members and the children. If you are frustrated, release the frustration in another way by either going to the gym or going for a walk. Revenge is not the key and will not make you feel better if you have verbally attacked your ex-spouse.


#7. Throwing out your old paperwork. 

Throwing out all your paperwork as an indication to your ex-spouse that it is “over” This is not a good idea. During court proceedings, you must make full and frank disclosure. What this means are the court requests to see certain documents relating to your marriage. Most separating couples go on a rampage and throw out everything that belongs to them as a “couple”. It's best to get copies and obviously keep copies of all the financial documents that you will need to help with the divorce and other processes.


#8. Beating yourself up.  

The first rule, be kind to yourself! It is not always your fault that you and your partner have separated. There is no point in blaming yourself, becoming depressed or even working up a sweat. Take some time to relax, to process what has happened and what is going to happen, spend some more time with the children and friends and treat yourself. It is okay to be kind to yourself, no one is perfect!


# 9. Using your lawyer as your psychologist, therapist or counsellor.

Us lawyers are not trained or educated to deal with emotions. Yes, we are understanding and support but our main purpose is to legally advise you and help you achieve the best possible result. You should contact a lawyer, counsellor or therapist of some sort to assist you with dealing with your emotions. If you use each divorce professional as they are to be used, you can ensure that you will get the best possible results then having to use or relying on your lawyer for everything.


#10. Not doing more homework when choosing a lawyer. 

Sometimes it is hard to decide on what lawyer to use especially if you have attended quiet a few law firms. The best way to judge is firstly to ensure that they represent clients for divorce, secondly that you believe that they are confident in representing you and thirdly, to ensure that you in fact are comfortable with the individual lawyer. There is no worse feeling then instructing a lawyer and then weeks or months down the track, you are not comfortable or confident with the lawyer you have instructed to act for you.

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Do I Qualify For Divorce?

  • You have been separated for at least one year.
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  • You know the whereabouts of your spouse.
  • You have an arrangement regarding any children under 18 years of age.
  • Your marriage is recognised in Australia.

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